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I feel so dumb for being so sad right now and not having a good reason why.

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Anonymous asked: What etsy shops do you buy from?

This question as been in my inbox forever, I’m sorry. I don’t know the names of the sellers! I just search keywords for the things I want.

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Here’s my today’s present to myself.


Here’s my today’s present to myself.

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I think couples should feel comfortable enough to be affectionate in front of other people. I’m not saying get all down and dirty, I’m saying… I’m gonna blow you kisses. I’m gonna kiss your hand. That is NOT lame. my love for you is not lame. it is great. and I’m not lessening its existence for anyone.

love your favorite person. out loud. it has more right to be shouted than your anger does. goodnight.

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Anonymous asked: Maui doesn't even talk about you lol


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went for a walk into town and found a food festival and a real nice lake

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when im dead sext me through a ouija board

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Anonymous asked: I want to tell you who I am, but I'm super embarrassed. 🙈 especially because you know me, and we've hung out a lot.

Don’t be embarrassed! That’s super sweet though, thank you!

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Anonymous asked: I'm developing a huge women crush on you. <3

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girls all go to the bathroom together because that’s where we rap battle

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